Rent Vehicle - please read

Our scooter rental service includes a helmet for the driver, full risk insurance with excess, free cancellation with 24 hours notice, road assistance, unlimited KM and online discount.

You need to come with your passport or identity card, a credit card to pay a security deposit and your driving license. To rent a scooter with Cooltra you must be in possession of a valid driving license and valid under the laws of the related country.

Min. 18 years, A1 (max 11KW), A2 (max 35KW), A or B (max 11KW) driving license.

Yes. You need to pay a security deposit for the scooter or motorbike. The deposit must be paid by credit card. However, it will not be charged to your card unless there is any event that would require it.


The security deposit is 150€ for a scooter of Standard category, 300€ – for a category Plus, 750€ – for a Premium category,  1500€ – for a Super Premium category scooters. The security deposit must be paid by credit card and it will be reimbursed at the end of your rental contract. In France the security deposit is 300€ for a Standard models, 500€ for Plus category models, 1000€ for Premium category models, 1500€ for Super Premium category models and 1800€ for Adventure category models.

Details - please read before rent

Yes. You can ride all our scooters with a passenger.  The passenger must wear a helmet, which has an additional cost.

No. It is absolutely prohibited to drive a scooter without a helmet on. Both, the driver and the passenger must wear a helmet even if it is a 50cc scooter.

You are fully covered by the insurance for damages against third parties. For damages caused to the scooter, or theft of the scooter, the insurance reduces the amount to be paid to an excess – in a case of compliance with the rental agreement. There is also the possibility to get an excess reduction for your scooter insurance.

The insurance which is already included in the rental price covers third party damages. Additionally, it also includes road assistance inside specific radius outside the shop. The damages on the scooter or theft are covered with a excess from 500€ to 2000€, depending on scooter type. All the accessories (helmets, top case, GPS, gloves, lock etc.) are not covered by the insurance and are paid apart in case of loss or damage.

Yes, we do. In majority of destinations you can add extra Delivery / Pick up service and we will bring your scooter to the location which fits you the best.  These services are free up to 3km of distance from you location.